Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do I do with a defective WOW Factor Lure?

If your Wow Factor product is damaged in any way (bill, skin, body, etc.) please take a picture(s) and send to along with a description of the issue. 

If your Wow Factor product has stopped working, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us at

How long does the average order take to ship?
With inventory in stock, all orders should ship by the next business day. Shipping estimates vary with the shipping method chosen.
How can I be a retailer for WOW factor lures?

Send us your information by filling out our dealer form. Someone will get back to ASAP.

Is WOW Factor Lure designed in the USA?

Yes!  Our products are proudly tested and designed in the USA.

How do I return a WOW Factor Lure?
Please send us an email to to open a support ticket and start the process.
What should I do if I cannot complete the checkout process?

For any website issues email, for faster results use chat or messenger.

Where can I buy WOW Factor products?

Currently, Wow Factor products can only be purchased online directly at  If you know of any other stores or website that would like to offer Wow Factor products please have them contact us at

Can I swap different lures on WOW factor?

If the lure(s) are still in the original packaging please contact us at

What size fish is best to catch on WOW lures?

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, snook and many other species (even those toothy critters) love to strike Wow Factor products.  Simply put we’ve seen it catch EVERYTHING!

Will I get my WOW Factor Lure back after I get a fish?

WOW Factor products are well-built using quality, cutting-edge materials and are designed to catch over and over again.

Can I lose the lure?

Shepard Shad 2.0 is extremely buoyant so if you line breaks or gets snagged the lure will float and you can retrieve it. However, like anything it can be lost if a fish breaks the line or in heavy current.

Does it work in fresh or salt water?

Works in Both. WOW Factor baits use only the best materials on its exterior that will not corrode in saltwater other than the hooks. 

Have a Different Question?

Email us anytime or use the Messenger