In 2017 Capt. Mark Shepard found himself fishing on Lake Okeechobee with a new client, Bill Blagg.  During a 3-hour afternoon “slow-down” of catching no fish, Capt. Mark looked at Bill and said, “When I get into situations like this…I go in here to my secret little stash and I tie one of these on.”  Moments later the 3-hour “slow-down” was instantly over as cast after cast produced bass after bass. Bill looked at Mark and said, “What is this?” The rest is history.

What Mark tied on that day was his original, tournament winning balsa wood square bill crankbait.  It took Mark several years of carving to come up with the perfect design which was then produced by the Awesome Bait Co. under the brand-name ThunderShad.  An itch to return to the pro tour would see Mark’s design disappear from the market and become a secret, prized catching machine of pros across the country.  

Today, Mark and Bill have joined forces to bring his original square bill design back to the market!  Manufactured to Mark’s exact specifications while using a new, revolutionary material Mark and Bill are excited to introduce the Shepard Shad 2.0!  Looking to the future, Wow Factor Fishing is dedicated to bringing back and manufacturing some of hardest baits in the country to find which are now long-guarded secrets of the pros.  These “old school” designs are proven fish catching machines and Wow Factor Fishing is excited to lead the revolution and bring them to the masses. Stay tuned for new releases coming soon!


Designer Capt Mark Shepard

Capt. Mark Shepard has devoted his entire life to the sport of fishing. He started out as a pond-hopping farm boy in OH who ended up moving to Florida to become a commercial fisherman; all the while maintaining a love and passion for bass fishing.  At 25 years old he packed everything he owned into a Ford bronco and headed back north to sharpen his fishing skills.  

Mark set the fishing world on fire in 2001 when he won the FLW EverStart Champion at Eufaula, AL; just his second professional event.  Shortly after his win, he spent his rookie year on the Bassmaster Tour and qualified for the Elites. His unique hand-carved baits proved to be his ace-in-the-hole and propelled him to the top.  After over 10 years of fishing professionally, Mark was forced to hang up his pro rod due to a severe back injury he sustained in Gunterville, AL in 2011.

Today, Mark is a skillful angler, a sensational fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee with BassOnline.com and a renowned bait designer who is a key driving force on the future of fishing.

CO-Founder & User Bill Blagg

Bill Blagg has loved to recreationally fish since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole.  While never fishing competitively or professionally, Bill has always been fascinated with the “business” of fishing.  From tournament operations to how bait and tackle products were developed and marketed, Bill was always interested in learning more.  A chance encounter fishing with Capt. Mark Shepard while traveling in FL in 2017 would set the wheels in motion for the creation of Wow Factor Fishing.    

Bill holds a degree in Marketing & Communications from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.  He is a successful entrepreneur and has a knack for product development and building brands.  His in-depth knowledge of global sourcing and manufacturing coupled with the ability to recognize market “gaps” has been his recipe for success.  


 Todd Kersey is CEO & Founder of BassOnline.com, now runs the nation’s largest fishing tour excursions company in over 360 locations nationwide.  A Bass fishing aficionado, Kersey was dubbed by Field & Stream magazine as “The Bass Artist” for his exceptional support of the species. Forbes named him an “Urban fishing legend” for exposing and getting access to great Urban fisheries. Todd also founded, THE FISHING NETWORK is a multi-brand platform that shares in every angler’s passion for experiencing different fishing destinations, they distribute diverse engaging services and content to outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts around the world.

Kersey has worked extensively with conservation groups, government entities, recreation and tourism partners including Bass Pro and Disney to steer priority attention to efforts that protect and enhance our fisheries. Kersey chaired the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission TAG group to successfully past the current “Black Bass Management Plan” protecting the future of bass fishing. He has made hundreds of television appearances, hosted his own radio show on ESPN and works with many of the most popular outdoor industry brands today. 

Quote, “I am ecstatic to be working with WOW Factor Fishing, their products are truly revolutionary and different than anything in the industry.